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This is the design for the front of the house to the left of the driveway, in front of the front bedroom.

The line that runs from the front right outside corner of the front bedroom to the left front corner of the property is a dry river bed complete with river rocks!  Isn’t this fabulous?  The shaded circles are boulders that we’d keep from digging the foundation.  Oh, I should tell our builder about this so he doesn’t haul away the big boulders.  I’ll make a note of that

There will be plants on either side of the river bed for authenticity.  Below are pictures of these.  In addition, there will be a CO Blue Spruce and a Quaking Aspen in the front.

In order, the plants are Mountain Ninebark, Golden Currant and Utah Serviceberry.  In addition to the river bed and plants, there will be an address monument.  The design we’ve chosen is below.  The convenants indicate that we are allowed one lighted address monument.  Not sure what we’ll do about a mailbox yet.  We’ll figure that out later.

Pretty sweet, huh?


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Front Landscaping

We received the landscape drawings and list of plants from our landscape designer and they are wonderful.  She has incorporated all native plants and nothing that needs mowing.  Those were the two main criteria.  In this installment, I will share with you the design for the front courtyard and berm.

This is the front courtyard.  The driveway is to the right. The features include:

  • Blond flagstone path
  • Band of river rock around the foundation of the house
  • Basalt stone column sculpture–those are the three black circles on the left on the courtyard
  • Basalt stone column path lights–top and bottom of the pathway
  • Fountain alter–fountain provided by me

The plants in the courtyard include Dwarf Globe Blue Spruce, Mock Bearberry Manzanitta, Sulphur flower, Rosy Pussytoes and Split-leaf Indian Paintbrush.

The other area of landscaping will be located to the right of the driveway.  It will include quaking Aspens, Columbines, boulders excavated from the property during construction, and a cedar stack fence.

Below are some pictures of the plants that will be in this area.

Won’t these look gorgeous fully leafed out and in bloom?  In the next installment I will share with you the dry stream bed!

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