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Road Trip!

These just in!!  Our property staked!!!!  Woo-hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!

Road Trip

Yup, we’re heading to Colorado!  We will arrive Thursday, late, and stay with my parents.  On Friday, we head up to Grand Lake.  We’re hoping to be there late morning.  My parents, I believe, were in Grand Lake years ago but don’t really remember it.  So, we want to show them the town and have lunch before we head out to the lot.  While it might not take a long time to show them the town, I’m looking forward to showing it to them and just being in the mountains.  My sister and her husband will join us too!  And they’re bringing the sinks so we can hand them over to the builder.

Then, early afternoon, we’ll meet our builder on the lot.  It’s been staked – YEA! – and we would like to review it.  Our house is not going to sit straight with the lot.  It will be angled to take advantage of the view up the continental divide.  We would like to make sure it’s situated on the lot as we’d like it.

We’ll also have a ceremonial groundbreaking.  My sister, bless her, is buying a couple bottles of sparkling wine and a bottle of red wine.  Our builder is bringing a gold shovel.  We plan to do this up right.  And I’ll have pictures to post when we get back.  This is a momentous occasion for us and we want to do it right.

On Saturday we will head to Englewood to visit the appliance center.  We’ve been working to finalize our list of appliances, but I haven’t picked out a washer and dryer.  We’ll do that and discuss the wine cooler my husband has picked out.  It’s an Electrolux and we can’t seem to find it on their website any more.  I do hope they haven’t discontinued it before they even “continue” it (i.e. it’s a really new model; let’s hope they haven’t decided not to release it!).

It’ll be so good to be out there!  It’s been a long summer and I cannot wait to see the lot and meet up with our friends.  See you when we get back!!


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We’ve been approved!

This just in:  they are staking the property TODAY!!  Oh I am so, so happy!  Can’t wait to see pictures!!  I’ll share them as soon as I get them.

We’ve been approved

The Home Owners Association has approved our plans for the house and the landscape.  They suggested we have a contrasting color for the trim on the outside of the house which we always intended to do.  And they have approved it all!!

Now, we need a building permit.  For this we need, not only the approval letter from the HOA, we need construction documents, an estimate for the landscaping, a stamped set of plans from our architect, stamped survey from the surveryor and stamped plans from the structural engineer.  I think this is what we need.  I’m really hoping our builder, Larry, knows what’s needed.

So, what’s up next?  Staking the property.  We will be in CO to review the staked property and have a ceremonial groundbreaking.  Gold shovel, sparkling wine, the works!  Our hope is to break ground shortly after Labor Day to pour the foundation and get all the utility conduits in place before winter.  The way I figure it, we’ve got until mid- to end-October to get this done before snow flies.  So we need to start by mid-September.

Electrical plans

We’ve been going through the plans for the electrical outlets, lights and switches.  We started with the outside of the house and worked out way in.  Click Revised electrical plan to view the electrical plans.  We added a few outlets to the outside of the house. Question for my devoted readers:  how many phone jacks do you have in your house?  With all the cordless options, is there a need for a phone jack in a lot of rooms or just a few?  Just thought I’d get your input.

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Landscape 3

This is the landscape design around the master suite.  There is a little patio off the master suite sitting area.  Since is looks onto the neighbor’s yard, our designer has suggested a stand of quaking Aspen trees to give some privacy.  It will be lovely.  She is also suggesting a stone sitting wall at the edge of the patio.  It will be great.  There are some flagstones for a little walkway to the back of the house.

And there is a perennial flower bed at the back of the house on the master suite side of the house next to the back patio.  There are a couple sitting walls around the patio too.  Now, I don’t know what flowers are going into the perennial bed.  I’d like to see something blooming all season long.  Makes for a pretty presentation.

There has been some discussion about working with the natural grasses in the area.  Since they are going to insinuate themselves into the landscape anyway, why fight them?  We’ll work with them instead.

So, that’s about all the landscape designs.  I think they are great.  I really like the dry riverbed and the courtyard in the front will be fabulous.  It will most likely be the summer after we finish construction before we’ll have everything planted.  But it will be the best in the neighborhood!

Update: all our designs are with the architecture review committee.  It’s been 10 days.  They have to approve the designs before we can get a building permit.  I feel like an expectant father waiting for work on the delivery.  I do hope we hear something this week!!

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