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Scenes from a worksite

An alternative picture of the garage.  This is one big garage!

Who knew there was so much to building forms?  The front right side in this picture is the 3-car garage.  The middle is the foyer and dining room leading back to the living room.  On the left is the bedroom wing.

More form work.

Form work!

“We dig, dig, dig, dig, dig, dig, dig.  We dig the whole day through.  We dig, dig, dig, dig, dig, dig, dig.  That’s what we like to do.”

Can you name that machine?  And NO–it is NOT the truck or the trailer on the truck.  Look closely.  What do you see?

More will be revealed.


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Today’s installment is on appliances.  I don’t think I’ve written about this yet, but admittedly, I can barely remember 5 minutes ago much less anything longer ago than that!  Even if I did, you probably don’t remember either, so I’m gonna talk about it.  We finalized the appliance list last weekend when we were in Denver so we know what we are getting.

The refrigerator is a GE Monogram 36″ stainless steel built-in bottom freezer refrigerator.  I’ve had a side-by-side refrigerator for 11 years now and I’ve not had a bottom freezer ever.  So this will be new.  We love the look of this.  Check out the photo gallery.

We have chosen a number of Bosch appliances.  These include the dishwasher, double ovens, 5-burner gas stove and ventilation hood. 

The dishwasher has “concealed” controls which mean that you don’t see dials or buttons on the front.  You have to open the unit and they are along the top edge.  Very sleak looking.  I love the look of the double ovens.  Very new-age.  The 5-burner gas cooktop has one large burner in the middle.  I’ve not had 5 burners before and it’s been many, many years since I cooked with gas.  I always liked it and am happy we are going back to it.  And check out the hood!  It  is very cool.

We also chose the washer and dryer.  They are both GE Profile front-load silver metallic.  I could get them in a variety of colors, but I liked that these would match the stainless steel appliances in the kitchen.  Very nice.  We did not, however, get the risers.  They are tall enough as it is without them. 

The other two appliances are the GE Monogram undercounter refrigerator drawers.  These will be used mostly for drinks.  Maybe yogurt will go in these also, but mainly drinks.  I will not have a refrigerator in the garage–and in the winter I’m sure I can quickly chill things by setting them outside for a few minutes–so these drawers will come in handy. 

These, along with the undercounter Marvel 24″ wine cellar with black interior, will be installed in the kitchen in an area that will now be a wetbar type of area.  We are taking the shelves in the kitchen across from the island and combine that with shelves in the powder room area and a little of the linen closet and making a little wetbar.  There won’t be a sink and I’ll still have the shelves for all my cookbooks, but we’ll have enough room for the refrigerator drawers and wine cellar.  And a countertop for pouring drinks.  Notice the black interior.  It looks so much better than the white interior.  It’s a dual-zone wine cellar which means that we can have two different temperatures for reds and whites.  Very nice.

Last but definitely not least, we have chosen a Sharp Microwave drawer.  These are quite popular now and I do think it looks much better than something sitting on a counter.  It does have a button to open and close it so full things of liquid won’t spill.  OK, shouldn’t spill, but work with me here.

So, what do you think?  Have you had any of these style appliances?  I’m very happy with our choices.  It’s gonna look fabulous!!

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It’s A Beautiful Thing

Have you ever seen anything more beautiful?  The lot, the family and the view.  It was a glorious day last week when we saw the lot staked and were able to see how the house would sit on the property and the views out each room.  Our daughter, Lesley, was able to join us on this trip and meet everyone.  Some day this will be her home so I wanted her to see it.

We also had a ceremonial groundbreaking complete with champagne.  Our builder, Larry, of Steffen Builders West, presented us with a gold shovel with our name on it.  And we were joined by Larry’s wife, Sue, and our architect and landscape designer, Dave and Theresa.  In addition, my parents, sister and brother-in-law were also with us to share the moment.  I am deeply grateful to them all for joining us.  It was an important day and I am very glad everyone was with us.

And I FINALLY saw the continental divide that will be out our back windows!  As you may remember, I have been to the property several times and had yet to see the view.  Well, I finally saw it.  The family room and breakfast nook will have stunning views of the divide.  Each room, in fact, will have lovely views and it was fun to see what each would be.

We did, indeed, have champagne to celebrate.  Well, ok, technically it was sparkling wine, but this blog has nothing to do with trade agreements, so I shall call it what I want.  It was Schramsberg from Napa Valley.  My brother-in-law purchased several bottles for us–thanks Don!!  Everyone had a little to toast the new phase of our project.

We also spent about an hour during the weekend at the appliance store in Denver finalizing  all our appliances.  It was an hour well spent and I shall devote an entire post to all our appliances.  We needed to pick out several pieces which we hadn’t decided on and I’m pleased with what we’ve come up with.

And to cap off the perfect weekend–we have the building permit!!!!!  It is ready to pick up so we will officially begin construction, I think, this week!!!  I have no idea what the sequence of tasks will be but I can’t wait to find out!

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