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Cabinet Style and Hardware

Now that you’ve had a chance to review the cabinet designs, let me share with you the style of cabinets and the hardware choice.

   This is the style cabinet we have chosen along with the stain color.  We like the lighter stain colors so this was perfect for us.  The wood will be knotty alder.  We’d originally thought we’d go with hickory, but I believe this will be a better choice. 

This represents the drawer style (the top portion) as well as the cabinet (bottom portion).  I like the recessed middle part.  Not sure what that’s called, but I like it.  And, yes, even the laundry room and bathrooms will have the same cabinets and stain.  I’ll be looking for granite counter tops to go with this and I’m thinking it will be a green color.  We have green granite counter tops now and like the combination. 

This is a picture of the counter tops we have now.  I don’t remember the name of it, but it does have a bit of movement.  Our current cabinets are a warmer hue than the knotty alder cabinets will be.  But they work for New England.  This picture does not do the granite color justice.  Here it looks more grey.  You’ll have to trust me when I say it’s green.

And this (to the left) is the Uba Tuba which I think would look nice with the knotty alder cabinets.  Thing is, you really cannot tell until you get the cabinet up next to the granite.  We’ll be taking the cabinet sample with us when we shop for the granite.

Now:  cabinet hardware.  I found a website that has an amazing amount of hardware.  Some of it is whimsical, some quite utilitarian.  And there are knobs and pulls.  I never knew there were so many choices.  Of course, I never really thought about it before, either. 

Take a look at your own cabinet hardware.  Do you have knobs or pulls?  Are they chrome, brushed nickel, brass or something else?  Do they have any character to them–I mean literally, a character.  I saw several styles that are people or animals, like lizards, made into cabinet pulls.  Here are a few examples.


Ya know, I rather like the frog in this set.  But, it’s a little much.




Now, I do like the lizard.  I’m rather partial to them, as long as they are behind glass and not shoved in my face (ask my husband about that).  But the leaf on the right is kinda nice too.



Considering all the choices, these are a bit too utilitarian for me. 

I have to admit, there are so many choices, that it will be hard to narrow it down.  Something a little off-beat would be fun.  I wonder how many people would really notice.  I’ll let you know what I choose.


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The rest of the cabinets

In addition to the kitchen, Butler’s Pantry and wine room, we will also have cabinets in the laundry room, mudroom, living room and bathrooms.

Laundry Room

The design for the laundry room includes a bar to hang things that cannot be dried in the drier.  We generate a lot of this type of laundry as all our running and exercise gear cannot dry in the dryer.  Right now, I have things hanging all over the house.   Not exactly pretty when guests come to visit.  So this will be most beneficial.  The angled wall will not have any cabinets or shelves on it, at least right away.  Perhaps someday I’ll install shelving, but we do need a place for litter boxes and that angled wall will be perfect.


The mudroom is very simple with cubbies for storing things like hats, gloves, helmets, that sort of thing and hooks for hanging coats.  There will be a bench that will have storage beneath and benches with nothing under them.  I figure we can put boots and shoes under those benches.  The two doors you see in the picture do have a purpose.  The far one leads to the mechanical room.  The closer one is, in reality, under the stairs.  There will be storage there too.

Living Room

The shelving in the living room will have glass doors on the bottom portion of the shelves but the upper shelves will be open.  These shelves will be to the left of the fireplace.  Hmm, I don’t think I’ve shared our fireplace design with you.  Remind me to do so.  Suffice it to say, it will be gas and it will be controlled by a switch.  More in another post.


This is the master suite bathroom cabinets.  There will be two sinks.  To the right of the sinks will be the bathtub.  The linen closet to the left of the sinks will most definitely have doors.  Can’t you just see the kitties nestling down on top of towels and clean sheets if there were no doors?  Nope.  Not gonna happen.

And, finally, the guest room vanities.  Each guest room will have its own vanity.  One sink in each.  I’m leaning towards tile flooring in the vanity areas of the guest bedrooms instead of carpet.  Go back and look at the design for that area.  I think it will work without being too out-of-place and be easier to clean tile than carpeting should someone inadvertantly spill something. 

In the next blog, I shall share with you a picture of the style cabinet we have chosen and discuss hardware.  So many choices, so little time.

And if I don’t talk to you beforehand, have a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year!  Let’s make 2011 a happy, memorable year.

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Final Cabinet Designs

Hi everyone!  I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday and that you are enjoying a fun-filled holiday season no matter what holiday you celebrate. 

We continue to work through the interior designs for the house.  I’ve been working with our new kitchen designer, Sue, who is amazing.  She has an incredible knack for details and has added some great features to the house.  I thought I’d share the kitchen, wine room and Butler’s pantry designs.  I’ll walk you through the changes we’ve made based on Sue’s input.

This is the final kitchen design.  We’ve kept the appliances in the same locations; however, we’ve tweaked the shape of the island and pulled it closer to the stove.  It will maximize the floor space and make it less of a reach between the stove and island.  Yes, we’ll still have plenty of space to move around in the kitchen even with moving the island closer.

Due to some changes in the foundation, the cabinets along the outside wall were moved three inches in.  To allow for more counter space to the right of the stove, we moved the ovens a little to the right also.  That meant that we had to move the door to the pantry resulting in a tight squeeze in the pantry.  I think this can be off-set by some shallower shelves on the wall of the pantry.

Cabinet features:  some of the features that will be included in the kitchen cabinets are a trash drawer, alcove for towels, above the oven will be separaters for cookie sheets, sheet pans and the like, and a spice cabinet built in to the cabinet to the left of the stove.  We will also have a pull-out cabinet for bottles such as olive oil, vinegars, etc.

Another change we made in the kitchen was to create a small wet bar.  We always had a set of bookshelves opposite the sink, however, we’ve taken some space from the linen closet on the other side of the bookself wall and created a wet bar.  Without a sink.  We still have the bookshelves over the bar, but we are installing a small wine cooler and a set of refrigerator drawers.  We’ll keep drinks and such in those drawers.  I’ll need those shelves for all my cookbooks.  I’ve got 3 shelves of them now.

Another significant change we’ve made based on Sue’s suggestion, is to remove the wall on the back of the Butler’s pantry, thereby opening it up and making a pass-through.  The cabinets will have doors on both sides.  The drawers won’t.

We’ve also decided not to install a tall wine cooler.  We’d found the one of our dreams.  It was right in our price range and it was quite nice.  Unfortunately, the manufacturer has decided not to release it.  Instead, we, well, my husband really, will work with a wine cabinet company and design a wine cabinet for the space.  In this picture, it’s the empty space in the upper right of the drawing.  We have purposely not installed the radiant heating in the wine room (or pantry for that matter) to keep those rooms cooler than the others.  That way the wine won’t get to warm.

We have opted for knotty Alder as the wood for the cabinets.  I will have to ask Sue to take a picture of the style of cabinets we chose so I can share it with you.  All the cabinets throughout the house will be the same style and wood.  We will also install granite counter tops.  I’d thought about soap stone but I think it will be too much maintenance for me.  I like the green granite the counter tops in our current home are.  I will most likely fine something similar.  I don’t need to pick that out just yet.

Next week I will share the cabinets for the rest of the house.  So stay tuned!!

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