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What are trusses?  The only way I know that word is for trussing the turkey at Thanksgiving.  I think it has something to do with the roof.  Anyone know?

My!  What a big crane we have.  The better to truss with!  HA!  OK, so, work with me here.


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Check out the new pictures.  Ya like the slideshow?

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Framing Continues

This part goes incredibly quickly.  In the last week we’ve gone from an electrical box to an outline of the house.  It really makes our day to receive photos.

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Well, I am, and so is our builder.  Everything is in place and framing began on May 5.  We were very excited to see the first photos.  Check them out!

Delivery of lumber.

Do you like the pretty, pink, girly bow?  This is my Mother’s Day gift and our builder kindly added the bow just for me!  I was very honored.

Framing begins.

Our own electrical box.  Very handy for getting electricity to the site.  Very important.

Looking from the garage toward the front of the house.  On the left is the front bedroom, then the gallery.  In the middle is the front door and to the right is the front wall of the laundry room.

Taken from the sitting room in the master bedroom looking toward the front door and the gallery.

You get an appreciation for the height of the front entryway with this shot.  And look at that beautiful CO mountain sky.  Mmm, mm.  How I wish I was there to see it!

The wall of the middle bedroom from the master bedroom.

And looking from the street up to the house.

Lovely, isn’t it?

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