OK folks, the insulation has been installed and the drywall is happening right now.  Below are pictures of the insulation.  The roof had a foam of some type sprayed on (and it wasn’t the best smelling thing) but the wall insulation is the typical pink.


Garage is in

They poured the garage earlier this week.  Very nicely done!

During the weekend of our first walkthrough, we also had the first party in the new house.  OK, so it wasn’t anything fancy, but it sure was fun.  I got to show off the house before the walls were closed.  My parents, sister, brother and their families, a cousin and her husband visiting from New York and our project manager and his wife all attended.  Everyone was impressed with the progress.

Windows are in!

Hey everyone!  The windows are in and looking fabulous.  We had the first electrical walkthrough last weekend along with the low voltage and landscaping walkthroughs.  All complete within 4 hours.  Apparently that is a new speed record.  Yay Stephenson’s!!

The inside is shaping up nicely.  The staircase is in and the walls are being framed.



Look!  Look!!  Windows!!!

They should all be installed in the next couple days!  Woo-hoooooo!!!!!!

This is what the views will be from inside the house.

From the Family Room

From the breakfast nook.

View from the kitchen.

View from the front entry.

From the bedroom.

Just imagine waking up to that each day.  *Sigh*