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Wears on his smiling face a dream of spring.  –Samuel Coleridge

A thing of beauty is a joy forever. –John Keats

Our property, March 19, 2011.  Isn’t it peaceful?


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Light Fixtures

One hundred lights.  That’s what we’ll need for the new house.  This includes recessed ceiling lights, recessed directional lights, decorative ceiling lights, wall lights, chandeliers and outdoor lights.  This does not include the pathway walk lights.  Those will be included in the landscape.  We’ve been doing research online and visiting lighting stores and I’ve found a line of light fixtures I’m in love with.  These are Kichler lights and it’s the Pomeroy Collection.  The website describes this collection thus: 

“Possessing an unflinching modern visage, the Pomeroy Collection enhances the beauty of any room by giving it a touch of elegance. Each piece is beautifully crafted out of wrought iron by our skilled artisans, giving the Pomeroy Collection fixture’s Distressed Black finish the authentic look and feel of classic fixtures. With its transitional design cues and ambient Sunrise Marble glass, the Pomeroy is designed with the contemporary home in mind.”


We’ll need two chandeliers in the dining room, one for the breakfast nook and one in the master bedroom sitting room.  For the dining room, I like what is considered a medium sized chandelier.

This is a 5-light chandelier with distressed black wrought iron.  The description of this line from the website reads as follows:

This 5-light Pomeroy Chandelier is one of two in the collection and is perfect for small to medium-sized rooms. It uses 100-watt (max.) bulbs and has a diameter of 27″ with a 26 ½” body height.

These will be spaced between the two beams in the dining room.  I did mention that there will be two beams in the dining room didn’t I?  Well, there will be.

Now, the glass globes on this line look to be amber at the rim fading to almost white.  I like this affect.  The distressed black will blend very nicely in the decor of the house–mountain classic without the antlers.

The breakfast nook and master bedroom sitting room will need smaller chandeliers and according to the websites we’ve been looking at, these are all the rage.  They are are designed to fit into smaller areas.  This line has a 3-light chandelier which I think will go very nicely in these rooms.

Lovely isn’t it?  Now, the only thing that would make me love this more is if the globes were up instead of down.  However, I won’t let that stop me from installing this. 

Ceiling Mounted Lights

We will need a couple different styles of ceiling mounted lights.  This line comes with both flush mount and semi-flush mount.  In the areas like the bedroom hallway, which we refer to as the gallery, we like the semi-flush mount lights.   This is the style that comes with this line.  It has a very nice curl to the wrought iron that accents the lamp well.  It is not too far from the ceiling that it would look out of place.  The description of this from the website is:

“This 2-light Pomeroy Semi-flush brings the look of the collection into any room or hallway with ease and elegance. It uses 100-watt (max.) bulbs and has a diameter of 19″ with a 12″ body height.”

Not only would we use this in the hallway, we would install this style in the larger of the two guest bedrooms as well as the bonus room. 

The flush mount ceiling lights come in a variety of sizes.  I believe the smallest size would go very nicely in places like closets and the bathroom vanities.  It looks like this and the description is

 “This 1-light Pomeroy Flush mount fixture brings the ambiance of the Sunrise Marble glass into any room or hallway with ease and elegance. It uses a 75-watt (max.) bulb and has a diameter of 11″ with a 7 ½ ” body height.

Pendant Lights

There are several styles of pendant lights.  The smaller of the styles will look wonderful in the kitchen over the island and the sink. 

The website description is:  “For small spaces and rooms, this singe light Pomeroy Mini-pendant provides all the style and the same timeless design as its larger siblings. It uses a 100-watt (max.) bulb and has a diameter of only 6 ½ ” with a 14″ body height.”  It was this particular light that was the real clincher for me.  On the Lamps Plus website, they had a picture of this light in a kitchen setting.  It was gorgeous!

The other style light they consider a pendant light is one that I am seriously considering for the front foyer. 

The description reads:  “This 3-light Pomeroy Pendant is the perfect modern touch for medium-sized rooms. It uses 150-watt (max.) bulbs and has a diameter of 23″ with a 27″ body height.”

Lastly, we will have wall lights or sconces in the powder room.  The ones from this line look like this:

“This 1 light Pomeroy wall sconce provides styling cues that can fit almost any décor. It uses a 100-watt (max.) bulb, measures 6 ½” wide with a 12 ½” body height, and a shade that can be installed with the glass up or down. This fixture is UL listed for damp location.”  I believe the last sentence refers to the fact that this could be installed in a bathroom.  That’s good because that is where it’s going.

There are other lights in this line.  Larger chandeliers and other pendant lights but these are the ones I would be using.  They also have floor lamps which could be used in corners and for reading areas.  I just love this line.

Front Entry System Update

Thanks to the 5 people who voted for the front doors!  In a 3-2 margin, door #2 was the “winner.”  No one voted for the Pella door.  That was our least favorite too.  Our favorite is #1, the Therma Tru door.  We’re still working on pricing.

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