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Accent Tiles

You won’t BELIEVE these great accent tiles.  They are from The Source Group near Denver. They etch the tiles then stain them to make the etching stand out.  These are for the bathrooms, kitchen, and wine room.

Master Bathroom

These tiles will go in the master bathroom in the shower and along the tub.

Guest bathroom

These will go in the guest bathroom as an accent in the tub/shower.

Wine Room

These will alternate with non-etched tiles in the wine room.  If you check the previous blog about cabinet knobs, you’ll notice that the knobs for the wine room are buffalo.


This is the mural that will be in the backsplash above the stove. Along the counter top will alternate the accent tiles from the bathrooms.

Now you can understand the bear paw track knobs for the bathrooms and the kitchen. I’m likin’ the theme. I better. I’ll be living with this for a long time.


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Cabinet Knobs Reloaded

I did it!  I finally chose the cabinets knobs for the house.  This wasn’t easy.  As I talked about in previous posts, there are literally thousands to choose from.  I really wanted theme knobs to match the room.  Below are our chosen knobs and the rooms they will be in.

Wine Room

This decision started the whole thing.  My husband has chosen a buffalo theme for the wine room.  We will have etched tiles along the three sides of the counter (more on this when I get the pictures) and he was looking for knobs to match.  I found this on eBay and ordered them.

These looked so good, we ordered more for the living room cabinets.

Laundry Room

I chose something that says “laundry”.  What could possibly say that?  Clothes of course.  I chose a set that has boxers, socks, short sleeve t-shirt, long sleeve t-shirt, and jeans.

Butler’s Pantry

We went with a different theme for the Butler’s Pantry.  I searched for fruits, veggies, drinks, silverware, dinnerware but didn’t find anything I liked.  So we went with a nature theme and found this Aspen leaf.  Appropo for a mountain home.

Kitchen and Bathrooms

This took me a long time to make a decision.  When we decided on the accent tiles, and you’ll just have to wait to see those when I get the pictures, I went on a hunt for the same theme.  I finally found what I liked and am in the process of ordering 66 of these.

Aren’t these the best?  Bear paw tracks!  Can you guess what the theme for the accent tiles are?

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